Helping toilets become smart-devices for monitoring health conditions


How does S-There work?

S-There has a sensor which is placed into the toilet for measuring biomedical parameters in the urine and is connected to a display or your smartphone giving you recommendations to improve your health.

Right now S-There is able to measure hydration because drinking enough water is essential for physiological processes such as circulation, metabolism, temperature regulation, and waste removal.

Although excessive dehydration is associated with serious health problems, even mild dehydration can cause issues, including headaches, irritability, poorer physical performance, and reduced cognitive functioning.

Monitor your hydration. Effortlessly.

S-There help you learn not only how well you drank, but why you drank the way you did.

Why is your hydration important?


But don't just monitor your hydration. Understand it.

The S-There app gives you instant access to everything you could want to know about your hydration. View a detailed breakdown of your water balance, see what happened during your day, discover trends in your hydration quality, and more.


Meet our Innovative Team of Entrepreneurs

Interdisciplinary Ideas for a better World
Eider Zabaleta S-There

Eider Zabaleta

Bachelor in Chemistry

She studied Bioscience and Macromolecules to take advantage of solving problems in different areas.

Adrian Gomez Campos S-There

Adrian Gomez

Research Assistant, MSN, RN

Adrian has over 5 years of international work experience in clinical care, business and research. 

Amaia Garcia S-There

Amaia Garcia

Business Developer & Entrepreneur

Amaia has more than 3 years of professional experience in team management, innovation and leadership.

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